… new blog tool or not?!


Ok, I admit I love BBT!!


That’s all I needed, a simple electronic note book to use to quickly jot notes down! So I bought a new tablet from Argos! I thought give Windows 10 a chance before I get completely converted over to the apple side!! So far agggggggghhhhhh!

Ok calm down Lara, I’ve found this simple notebook app that works! I also found another photo app as Photoroom has upgraded and now has no add text functionality!! Aggggggghhhhh again!! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Anyway if I successfully create a quick blog post with these new tools, I’ll be happy!! So far so good, I’m happy so far!! Now save, copy, paste to wordpress!!!

But alas, where is the save function!! Save not Share to twitter!! Aggghhhhhhhhhh for the umpteenth time!

Ok, was that a crash mid log into wp? Use quick draft, paste has worked! Perhaps just come straight to quick draft on wp but I like to have my work backed up to a ‘home memory device’!

Next insert photo!! Fairly straightforward! And tag, categorise and all done!!😎😃
© Lara Rose 12/05/16


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