Ancient Kemet(Egypt) Afrikan /Sayingz

Food for thought!! Interesting proverbs!


“Knowing Oneself!” was the most important spiritual ideas of Ancient Kemetians. The spiritual aspect of this idea is that within woman and man live the Netert/Neter(goddess/god) and the heavens(Universe)

Another famous saying from ancient Egypt is “The kingdom of heaven is within oneself and the person who knows himself shall find it”. In Ancient Egypt, these sayings were used as a teaching for a man to understand the universe. These sayings were thus emblazoned on the walls of tombs and temples in Egypt.

Some Ancient Egyptian Proverbs in outer temples of Luxor

1. Nature is the best and the shortest route towards knowledge.

2. A price should be paid for every joy.

3. It is better not to know things rather than knowing things which we do not know.

4. While searching the laws of harmony, we will discover knowledge.

5. The inner light glows in peace and meditation.


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