A Rose with no thorns?!


So, 2016 was flowing beautifully…

So sailing along in 2016,
celebrating victories,
overcoming every storm,
dealing with every challenge and unpleasant news,
in the best way I possibly could:
publish a book, an instagram post,
art, radio show, write a song.
Colour my hair! Even knitted a scarf!!
Well it looks like a scarf!

And then came May, and “Brexit” happened!! Knocked the sail out of my wind or vice versa and I kinda grew to a halt.

Didn’t do another Real Women show, stopped campaigning as EPB candidate, abandoned the Nomad Woman project, stopped my daily blog, didn’t wanna sing another song, etc, etc you get the picture!!

I feel like I had entered an alternate parallel existence!

So inadvertently, went on my first activist match, gay pride parade n carnival troupe in a costume that gave me enhanced bazongas!

Escaped into the musical world of a group of amazingly talented musicians, Sun Ra meets The Sylvers meets city council boys international aka meanwood boys!!

Enrolled at the College of Music, hurrah for the circle of 5ths. Sang and played guitar at amazing jams and soul nights.

My first kiss, yes, you heard me you know like the movie, “Never Been Kissed” (ok, take away your jealous judgmental faces and comments, ye “brethren y eglise”. I don’t need to go to confession, I’m not going to be condemned to hell! Lighten up!!)

Strange charcoal symbols, and got obsessed with building pyramids on my art course! Wrote and wrote and wrote at my Writers group.

Joined the Labour party and escaped being appointed BME or Women’s officer!
Keeping busy still, excessive volunteering with a BME hub and BHM! Not forgetting the demo to save the NHS dressed in my lab coat!!

Disillusioned by the health service,
the conspiracy theories, I finally watched the “Hypernormalisation” documentary everyone was banging on about!!

And used up all my internet data!

Still don’t know who or what to believe, Kemet, Christianity or Yoruba deities.

Phew, no wonder I took myself off to Alicante last week,
to get some perspective back,
help me back on my feet.

Much needed sun and sangria was a plenty! 😎

Fed up of awkwardly latching onto other peoples families (or OPFs), I decided to experiment and investigate the myth that, it’s not good to be by yourself on Xmas day”

Eh, still here,
didn’t get kidnapped by Santa’s elves
or the tooth fairy!!

Took a call from a well wisher at 11.30 pm, who became sad I’d been home alone (like the movie, 🎬 right) on Xmas day and insisted on picking me up to come hang out with their family, aw bless.

I couldn’t resist the sweet potato/yam African food offer!

So before the year runs out completely, I’m gonna try to steer back to reality.

Publish one more book maybe or release another song!

Let me think about it, be right back!!! 🙂

“For we who remain cloaked in our earthly suits, we make hay whilst the sun shines.
We live, love, shine, remembering all our beloved ones, who journeyed from earth in 2016.
For unto us the baton is passed, do we continue the race of life to run?
Can we ease the pain; clasp a rose with no thorns?”
(Copyright control © Lara Rose 28/12/16)


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