It’s all “BULLSHIT”



It’s all “BULLSHIT!”

It’s all BULLSHIT, and I think that’s even insulting bulls, cos their shit probably smells of roses!! πŸ’πŸ˜…

Self serving, bullshit, hypocritical humanity! Everyone jumping on the bandwagon, no different from the system it seeks to oppose! Even this post in response to the bullshit is bullshit!

About the Motherland Africa, for as long as Africa continues to ill-treat it’s children, don’t expect better elsewhere! Women, for as long as there is bitching, envying, put-downs, backstabbing and hating on each other, don’t expect better elsewhere!!

And don’t give me that crap about a mysterious group of super powerful beings from outer space sent to make us, poor miserable earthlings!!

Yuk, all of this bullshit just “creams my corn!” πŸ˜…

Β© Zolga Love 21/01/17 (unedited)


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