Le Butterfly – Mama Geraldine (revised)

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Mama Geraldine!!

“Mi fe sunkun mo, sugbon, ekun mu mi”
My mind is like a floating feather, that rides the wind,
is curious and lands amidst the bushes
then stays focused for a moment,
for a moment, maybe meaning becomes clear,
or meaning becomes obscure.
like the blur of a short sighted child,
to the optician,
be fitted with lenses, correct the vision.

Come into focus, clarity, ease of sight
power and might
need not, just adjust the dimmed sight
the road becomes neither dark or bright, just right
as we drive along, like the feather gets caught up in
a stirring breeze, gains height and flight
we just might continue our journey.

A feather, a butterfly, an eagle sky high!”

for Geraldine Conner RIP


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