Church, stop bullying me: But I care! really, do you?!


When a lot of people say they care, what they really means is, I don’t really care but I don’t want to look bad or feel guilty about being uncaring so they use reverse guilt tactics by saying things like, “if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be… “

Truth is if you are showing love or care to someone you wouldn’t need to keep reassuring the person that you are. If someone questions how you care take that feedback to mean what it means, you are not being caring. (if you genuinely care, you will summon the higher powers to teach you or help you to care for said individuals)

It’s parabolic (oh, I don’t know, can’t think of a better adjective now I’ll check the dictionary in a bit or thesaurus even.)

…it’s parabolic, ironic maybe that you either care or you do not care. No in between, you can give an illusion of care but if it isn’t real caring it will actually flag up by the result it breeds.
Care, love, persistent love and care, or selfless love and care, real genuine care only yields the fruits of care and love. Anything else is not care. What is planted is what is reaped.
Yes, I’m bluntly saying if you plant love and care into someone’s life you will reap the reward of that care without having to constantly nag them with empty words.

We as a human race need to learn how to care again, hopefully this could be the empathetic generation that truly cares again. Enough lives have been lost under this delusion of care and the somewhat complexities in an independent self making society. And on the other end of the spectrum Churches unwittingly reward bad behaviour of unempathetic peeps via the misguided and missappropriated lens of “forgiveness”.  Coupled with callous references to just read your bible and pray, or you’re an unbeliever and all other causal comments. (there’s a scripture that challenges said hypocrisy}

I mean really what did you do to show you care, what were the actions? Do ask yourself that question honestly!!

© 29/06/18 Lara Rose unedited


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