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I’m tired of the charade of “church”


Im tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” seemingly the last place you will find “love” these days, where your light, you fuel, with bellows you keep alight yet still the “church” constantly dim. You pray, you cry, you dance, you sing, no matter what you do, if you dare to be different and not conform, you get persecuted from the very ones who dine with you!! Alas, the usual response, the familiar response, skilfully used by the rod of abuse. Blame shifting, quote a scripture, blame the victim, justify your action. Cite an example from the assemblage of books. Judas, Brutus, betrayal, what do you expect, etc, etc
I’m tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” where love stands at the door and knocks!
© Lara Rose 25/11/16

… from the darkness


…from the darkness spread across the face of the multiverse, the universe emerging again, twisting and turning, taking form and shape, never too much, never too late….

© Lara Rose 22/11/16

A New Love…



A New Earth, a new love, a new month, a new flow of words, a universal purpose to love and be loved… © Lara Rose 2016

In The Beginning … (My Experiments, testing, testing)

… double cream experiments! 😊


The Universal Purpose … is Love!


Following on from yesterday, I’d like to propose our “UNIVERSAL PURPOSE” is LOVE! ❤ 🌈 💐 💕

I believe we ought to keep going even if we may not necessarily have a clear destination!


Just like we don’t stop breathing just because we’re having an “off” day or a day of quiet reflection likewise we keep on going or moving!!

It keeps momentum and as you keep going even if it’s for the sake of it, clarity comes!!

The “aha” moment!
Then we set sail, full throttle towards a specific defined direction to an ultimate goal or arrival point.

Then we realise that the seemingly purposeless or “wondering round the wilderness” phase builds character!!

So keep moving, keep going, keep reaching, keep breathing!!

Live. Love. Shine.
© Lara Rose 23/03/16



“Nigerian Senate votes down gender equality bill due to ‘religious beliefs’

The bill was designed to stop the ‘inhuman, humiliating or degrading treatment’ of women”
News headline from The Independent

My Response on fb!!

My goodness!! Adjectives and words!!! Lesson 101 a woman and man may be “different” gender that doesn’t equate to “inequality” Right I think I need to go and became a lawyer too so I can simply and plainly explain this!!! For the record, I will say it again WOMAN and MEN are EQUAL and DIFFERENT gender!!!!!!!

Lara Rose

Even better phrased “WOMAN and MEN are EQUAL albeit DIFFERENT gender!!!!!!!”

My algebraic response:

If A = C
If B = C

Then simple algebra shows that:

A = B period!!!

Thus if

If Woman XX = HUMAN



Seriously, why is this so hard to comprehend?!!!

A baby is born, on upon physical examination the announcement, “it’s a girl!” is made!

Just because a Woman has a vagina and a Man has a penis which signifies  “gender” at birth, does that make one gender less human?

Isn’t it a fact that both gender are equally entitled to the same basic need of oxygen, food, shelter, protection, water, love, independence, empowerment, etc, etc!!

Does a baby girl also not equally learn to crawl, walk, run like a baby boy!

What religious misinterpretation is being used here?!!


© Lara Rose 2016

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