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New Tate Modern

“Don’t let your prejudices win, expose yourself to art n see what happens!” Anthony Gormley – New Tate Modern Documentary BBC 2


…ooo I can’ wait to get to London!! 😊


Lucy’s Magical Wonderland


To quit or not to quit…

Sad sad sad 😢 news for pharmacy, I’m in shock!! To quit or not to quit
That is the question?
To quit, give up and throw myself headlong into the even more cut throat music biz, d2f, crowdfund, etc,
At the crossroad of art and science
Which road would I choose,
The fine line betwixt you two
To quit or not to quit?

© Lara Rose 13/05/16 😞

Corridors of Leeds – Secret passage


Secret passage, sssh! Don’t tell anyone, it’s between me and you! 😊 © Lara Rose

Corridors of Leeds – Multicolored


Colour, colour, colour, everywhere there’s colour …

© Lara Rose 2016

Today, 4 seasons!


sunny, then cloudy, then rainy, then sunny again, then hailstones, then windy, then sunny again.

© Lara Rose 26/04/16

Corridors of Leeds – Purple Paths …


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