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Church, stop bullying me – the alchemy of pain



Thank you peeps for all your love and support through this difficult grieving time. It is a roller-coaster ride, and this weekend presented an opportunity for the lowest of lows by the callous, insensitive & unloving actions of others. ☹️

I’ve made some new friends and lost some {I guess they were not friends to begin with} I’ve seen behaviour that shocks me, betrayal close to Judas and Brutus but I’m stating for the record: unlike Jesus and Ceaser getting killed. I still live to tell the tale, (though they try to push me to the depths of despair, lol🤣.)  And I will, as it is a good one!!!

Sisters, please watch your backs, not everyone who calls you sister has your back, indeed some covet what you have  and will go to any length to attain it. With their clever manipulation and what I now know to be “gas-lighting” tactics one proved my suspicions right, successfully in the most spectacular way possible!! There is a God of justice after all!! 🤣

Yes, it’s a paradox, that I feel victorious even in the face of loss!! The value of one revealing their character and true intention without a shadow of doubt is priceless, pure gold. A lesson for all to learn on how to guard against this in the future. It hurts me that some other friends got hurt because of their action but I guess ces’t lack vie!! You live and learn not to make certain mistakes again.

I have also witnessed and continued to see and enjoy the limitless abundance and supply of grace and blessings from Father God through the universe from the spirit realm. (Still asking where is Mother God?!🙄)


I have had to learn the hard way to;

Protect my table, cast not my pearls before swines, they will rend you!! I will reveal all in my new book, “Church, stop bullying me, the alchemy of suffering” by Lara Rose

 (© Lara Rose 14/06/18 unedited)

… the apothecary.


Save 3k Pharmacies

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Ok, looks like I’ve upset peeps with my “let me do the math” comment!! But seriously you don’t need to be a math genius to work out the obvious!! It’s simple addition, subtraction and multiplication!!
If 3000 pharmacies close, and if for example 10 customers who would have normally gone to GP now come to the pharmacy first,  equals to 30,000 patients daily!

How many patients will then return to GP surgeries or A&E for minor ailments etc daily, weekly, monthly?

In turn how much would it cost to cater once again for 30,000 patients daily at GP surgeries, A&E, 111, out of hours, etc?

There, simple arithmetic not some fancy computer modeling but we can do that too with graphs etc, I still love maths and every recent pharmacist would have scored an A grade 70/80% at prereg exam to qualify!!!

So there, I’ve made a start on the”math”! 😊

© Lara Rose 2016

Who doth not bleed red?!


“Who doth not bleed red?” © Lara Rose 2016

A severed capillary,
As if by magic blood cells
Come together in harmony
And seal the wound breaking the spell,
Who is it, doth not bleed red? © Lara Rose 8/05/16

… we are healed!


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