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Streams … (May Edit)


Streams of consciousness;
Streams of gold,
Streams of magic dust;
Streams of old.

Streams of love,
Streams of passion,
Streams of joyful bliss, betwixt two passing beats.

Streams of melted ice,
Streams of chocolate mice,
Streams of music spice, the piper he doth bid.

Streams of glory,
Streams of tis victorious story,
Streams of life,
Streams of joy.

Streams so blue like tear drop dew.
Streams of truth,
Streams fear not your tale do tell,
Streams of consciousness;

Whence which stream we liveth in?!

© Lara Rose 2016


The Universal Purpose

WP_20160322_3921.jpgSuccess gurus make a big deal about knowing your purpose or having a clear goal otherwise you will not arrive at your destination!!

The myth:

All gurus had a clear destination and had it all sorted out from day one!!


Most, if not all went through the self discovery exploratory phase!!

Then came the “aha” moment!!

So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you know what your purpose is yet!

Carry on doing the universal purpose of love!

Live, love and shine, even if that is all you do daily, you are daily achieving your purpose!!

The Universal Purpose!

Live, love thyself,
Live, love thy neighbour,
Live, love, shine your light for all to see
Live, love, shine!

The Universal Purpose!
The Universal Dream!
The Universal Destination!

Tbc …..

© Lara Rose 22/03/16

Stop… (Part VI)

InstagramCapture_6113d9d2-33b2-41d1-8b58-63cfcf1278e1.jpgCreative information or How to do…

Next is finding out how to accomplish each task!!

Research, lots of stuff on line!!
Youtube videos, TED talks, blogs available too!
Go to the public library if need be, read books, journals.
Talk to people.
Tv shows, anywhere to get info on how to!!

Some days you’ll have more momentum than others,

but seriously,

Embrace each day as a successful day because YOU ARE ALIVE!!

Live. Love. Shine.

© Lara Rose 2016

Stop trying to “sort” your life out (pt IV) Creative Storming

WP_20160204_6552.jpgNext easy tips

Creative Storming

Summon the creative genius within you!
Summon your creative powers,
We all have this within us.

Write something down, anything.
Do a “Streams of Consciousness” exercise to get yourself going! ie write whatever comes to mind.

You can do this on paper, on a phone, tablet, wall, important thing is to capture whatever is on your mind!! 😊


If you have specific tasks overwhelming you, write them down!

If you don’t know what to do, write down that you don’t know what to do!

Just write something, anything!

You can do this by yourself or with a friend for fun.

I call these:

Creative summoning & storming sessions!

You can also do:

Spider charting on paper or sketch book, etc
Or listings:
Write a list of things to do (The conventional “To Do” list)
You may write as many lists as you like in any order.

Remember to have fun with whichever creative summoning and storming tool you use!!

© Lara Rose 2016

Stop trying to “sort your life out”


Stop trying to “sort your life out” or How to be a Success daily by simply being yourself!

Simply living, loving and shining!!


How to be a success daily by simply being yourself!!

But you lament,

“I’m trying to “sort” my life out!”

Well guess what, if you are reading this blog post, then you are alive and have life “sorted” out within you!! Selah.

What you really mean is there are tasks, dreams and desires you want to sort out!

I believe that sometimes the feeling of being frustrated by our lives is simply when we may lack the technical or creative expertise, “know how” or drive to accomplish specific tasks!


We may have creative or technical know how in one element of our life (eg. driving, painting, dancing) but not in another.

For example:

“How to exchange goods and services in the marketplace”
Or “How to create a facebook music page”
Or “How to write a cv for a new job”
Etc, etc.

Sometimes you may feel you don’t even know what it is you are trying to accomplish as you go from task to task or appear to ‘live’ aimlessly!!

The purpose gurus make things worse by almost implying if you don’t know your purpose you are doomed!! 😃 lol!

The good news is, you’re alive!
Let that sink in!!
That means within you is the potential to accomplish all of you!!

Day by day, moment to moment you are living! Sometimes in the valley, sometimes on the plane and sometimes high up the mountain!!

There is no such thing as living aimlessly, as I believe every moment, treasured, feeds into the magnificent being that is you!! 😊


Stop trying to “sort your life out!”

© Lara Rose 2016

New Friends

WP_20160121_9744.jpgNew Friends

Making new friends
Meeting new friends
Dancing with new friends
Partying with new friends
Hanging out with new friends
Painting the town red with new friends
Kat, Sheryl, new friends
Dong, Champ, new friends
Mark, Michael, new friends
Tom, Lowry, new friends
Bob, Billie, Mentul, new friends
What about Magic Al, current friends
Paulette, Chris, current friends
Judah, Ariana, current friends
Sela bar, reggae night with friends
Sandanista, Call Lane Social, more friends
City of Leeds, city of friends
Go out everyone and make new friends!!😊
© Lara Rose 2016


Looking Forward To 2016

WP_20151230_4311.jpgLooking forward to 2016,
Looking forward to new things,
Looking forward to friends I see,
Looking forward to being me.

Looking forward to good times, be free;
Looking forward to fun times, with glee.
Looking forward to sunrises, birds singing;
Looking forward to daily surprises, doorbell ringing.

Looking forward to blue skies and rainbows,
Looking forward to butterflies and sun kissed meadows,
Looking forward to loving life;
Looking forward to being alive.

Looking forward to lending a hand,
Looking forward to playing in a band.
Looking forward to sharing much joy;
Looking forward to playing with toys.

Looking forward to a brand new year,
Not looking forward to shedding a tear.
Looking forward to shine alight;
Looking forward to a future so bright!

-Lara Rose 29/12/15

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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