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Speak …


Speak love
Speak joy
Speak peace, positivity
Speak calm
Speak faith
Speak hope, longevity
Speak soft
Speak clear
Speak nice, lovingly
Speak here
Speak near
Speak care, neighbourly
Speak proud
Speak loud
Speak sound, evolutionary
Speak up
Speak soon
Speak slow, attentively
Speak now
Speak not
Speak free, assertively
Speak words
Speak rhymes
Speak poems, creatively!

Speak truth…
© Lara Rose Sun 29/05/16




Speak to me
I plead with thee
I sit,
I stare
(I) drink tea
With no care

The green grass /green grass
Beneath my feet /caresses my feet
This Time goes/will pass
So/Will / When shall we meet?

My yearning
My longing
The loving
The giving

My heart recalls
Before the fall
Stay the night
(I) see (the) green light

Don’t go
Say no
Hide away
What should I say

Scared to see you
Oh how I miss you
What would you do
If in my shoes?

In the cafe
On the hillside
With the weather
On the inside
Come rain, come shine
It’s you, I pine

I sit
I stare
I plead with thee
Speak to me


© Lara Rose 3/3/16 3:46am

Inspired by The Weather Café, A New Love & Me! Unedited version.

Mediocrity of negativity

WP_20160221_762.jpgSo what to do or say,  when the sheep bleat and baa, the sounds you hear, that last the night, to bring desire to the season of reason; to live, to receive, to learn, to beg, to enable the peace from within to be revealed; rise above the mediocrity of negativity.

© Lara Rose 2016

What if?


What if we were given a blank canvass?
What if we were given a blank universe? Or a chance to start over?
To write our own story?


What if life is a series of random events?
How much control do we have over the universe?
Is the “law” of attraction really true?

What about alchemy, experimenting, and art processing?!
What if we were given a blank universe?
And God left us to it?

What would we do?

© Lara Rose 2016

Art, Dada & Me 16/02/16

WP_20160216_8641.jpgFeedback from tutorial

I learnt today, it’s been 100 years since the Dada movement (1916 – 1924)

My Xmas cabbage as is (slightly stretched in word) was a winner over the processed pieces that evolved from it!

I was quite surprised that the initial photo with the holes in it contrasted against the wall sparked the most interest from my tutors and peers.

It seemed to portray different emotions depending on which way up it was placed, allowing it to be interpreted from different perspectives.

A comparison was also made to an evil eye montage done of John Major!!

I see the application of simplicity and that sometimes art can actually be the initial object as seen through the artist 🎨 eye.

This elicits varying responses from viewers therein the terms conceptual and minimalist art used to describe art.

So the “nonsensical” characterised by the dada movement is conferred with meaning and becomes art!

© Lara Rose 2016


WP_20160215_9993© Lara Rose 2016

Round and black
Round and blank
Round moon
Round planet
Round Afro

© Lara Rose 2016


WP_20160214_6981Polaroid inspired by:

No Medium by Prof Craig Dworkin

© Lara Rose 2016

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