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Pharmacy tales…

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Customer: How long is it goin’ be? πŸ˜’
Pharmacy Assistant: I’m so sorry 😞  we’re waiting for the robots to reboot!!

Customer: Can’t you just get box of shelf? I need my medication now!!!Β  πŸ˜’
Pharmacy Assistant: So sorry, 😞 I can’t we don’t dispense your meds here anymore, we’re waiting for Meds to arrive!

Customer: Can I have my prescription so I can take it somewhere else? πŸ˜’πŸ˜ 
Pharmacy Assistant: I’m sorry😑πŸ˜₯ again it’s an electronic prescription sent to the hub!

Customer: You’re joking ain’t ya, so when will I get my medication?!!!!😠😠
Pharmacy Assistant: I…..I…., eh, eh, would you like to come into the consultation room and wait or we will deliver out to you, eh,eh… let me get the pharmacist…

Save 3k Pharmacies

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Ok, looks like I’ve upset peeps with my “let me do the math” comment!! But seriously you don’t need to be a math genius to work out the obvious!! It’s simple addition, subtraction and multiplication!!
If 3000 pharmacies close, and if for example 10 customers who would have normally gone to GP now come to the pharmacy first,Β  equals to 30,000 patients daily!

How many patients will then return to GP surgeries or A&E for minor ailments etc daily, weekly, monthly?

In turn how much would it cost to cater once again for 30,000 patients daily at GP surgeries, A&E, 111, out of hours, etc?

There, simple arithmetic not some fancy computer modeling but we can do that too with graphs etc, I still love maths and every recent pharmacist would have scored an A grade 70/80% at prereg exam to qualify!!!

So there, I’ve made a start on the”math”! 😊

Β© Lara Rose 2016

Lara’s Drugstores


To quit or not to quit…

Sad sad sad 😒 news for pharmacy, I’m in shock!! To quit or not to quit
That is the question?
To quit, give up and throw myself headlong into the even more cut throat music biz, d2f, crowdfund, etc,
At the crossroad of art and science
Which road would I choose,
The fine line betwixt you two
To quit or not to quit?

© Lara Rose 13/05/16 😞

What am I fighting for?!


Doesn’t make sense!!! Doctors are striking, yet getting more funding at GP surgery, whilst Pharmacy face funding cuts and risk of closure?!! As an EPB candidate, I’m beginning to wonder, what am I even fighting for?!! 😞

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