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I’m tired of the charade of “church”


Im tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” seemingly the last place you will find “love” these days, where your light, you fuel, with bellows you keep alight yet still the “church” constantly dim. You pray, you cry, you dance, you sing, no matter what you do, if you dare to be different and not conform, you get persecuted from the very ones who dine with you!! Alas, the usual response, the familiar response, skilfully used by the rod of abuse. Blame shifting, quote a scripture, blame the victim, justify your action. Cite an example from the assemblage of books. Judas, Brutus, betrayal, what do you expect, etc, etc
I’m tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” where love stands at the door and knocks!
Β© Lara Rose 25/11/16

The Universal Purpose … is Love!


Following on from yesterday, I’d like to propose our “UNIVERSAL PURPOSE” is LOVE! ❀ 🌈 πŸ’ πŸ’•

I believe we ought to keep going even if we may not necessarily have a clear destination!


Just like we don’t stop breathing just because we’re having an “off” day or a day of quiet reflection likewise we keep on going or moving!!

It keeps momentum and as you keep going even if it’s for the sake of it, clarity comes!!

The “aha” moment!
Then we set sail, full throttle towards a specific defined direction to an ultimate goal or arrival point.

Then we realise that the seemingly purposeless or “wondering round the wilderness” phase builds character!!

So keep moving, keep going, keep reaching, keep breathing!!

Live. Love. Shine.
Β© Lara Rose 23/03/16

The Universal Purpose

WP_20160322_3921.jpgSuccess gurus make a big deal about knowing your purpose or having a clear goal otherwise you will not arrive at your destination!!

The myth:

All gurus had a clear destination and had it all sorted out from day one!!


Most, if not all went through the self discovery exploratory phase!!

Then came the “aha” moment!!

So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you know what your purpose is yet!

Carry on doing the universal purpose of love!

Live, love and shine, even if that is all you do daily, you are daily achieving your purpose!!

The Universal Purpose!

Live, love thyself,
Live, love thy neighbour,
Live, love, shine your light for all to see
Live, love, shine!

The Universal Purpose!
The Universal Dream!
The Universal Destination!

Tbc …..

Β© Lara Rose 22/03/16

Hiding our light! Why?


We don’t take a light and hide it under a bushel.


We ought not to take our light, talent or shine and hide it away either.

But some of us do!



We’re afraid?!

But social anxiety, paranoia, fear and sheer panic attacks can be a real “physical” occurrence!

The root cause may often not be known, some may not even be aware this is happening to them!!

What are we afraid of?

Being mocked
Being laughed at
Being rejected
Being betrayed
Being found out

Being inadequate
Being adequate, but fear envy and jealousy from others
Being talked bad about
Being hated

Being praised
Being followed
Being stalked
Being promoted
Being successful
Being given more responsibility
Being loved



And the list goes on and on!!

It is unnatural to hide light

It is natural for light to shine

Light always wants to break through

Even the darkest clouds only obscure the sun momentarily

Even during an eclipse the sun is hidden but for a moment by the moon!

But wait:

The Sun doesn’t stop shining

Neither do any of us!! 😊

So we ought not be afraid to let through our light that constantly shines!

Fear vs Love:

It is said Love can overcome fear! 😊

Love, love, love! ❀ ☁ 🌈 πŸ’ ❀ πŸ’•πŸ˜

Not as easy as it sounds?!

Or it’s just that easy, it sounds too good to be true?! 😊

Live. Love. Shine!!! 😊😊

Β© Lara Rose 12/03/16

Time Out!


Β© Lara Rose 2016

Stop… Summary!

WP_20160208_5857.jpgGuess what?

Do you feel now how simple it is to “sort your life out!”

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is “sorting life out in a day”

Life will never be “sorted out” per se, but is continuous steps of daily successes!! Like learning to walk, (crawl, walk, run) 😊

Btw, take as long as you like with each step! No one is keeping score!! I set variable time frames, one week, two months, but it may take a day, an hour a month, a year, etc!!

Over the next months, I’m going to look at purpose, focus, making progress, our mission in life, etc!!

Live. Love. Shine.

Β© Lara Rose 2016

Stop… (Part VI)

InstagramCapture_6113d9d2-33b2-41d1-8b58-63cfcf1278e1.jpgCreative information or How to do…

Next is finding out how to accomplish each task!!

Research, lots of stuff on line!!
Youtube videos, TED talks, blogs available too!
Go to the public library if need be, read books, journals.
Talk to people.
Tv shows, anywhere to get info on how to!!

Some days you’ll have more momentum than others,

but seriously,

Embrace each day as a successful day because YOU ARE ALIVE!!

Live. Love. Shine.

Β© Lara Rose 2016

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