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Colour Core…


Colour me entirely, colour the world with colourful colours, the rainbow glows and is pleased to see the colours colouring away …

© Lara Rose 2016

Streams … (May Edit)


Streams of consciousness;
Streams of gold,
Streams of magic dust;
Streams of old.

Streams of love,
Streams of passion,
Streams of joyful bliss, betwixt two passing beats.

Streams of melted ice,
Streams of chocolate mice,
Streams of music spice, the piper he doth bid.

Streams of glory,
Streams of tis victorious story,
Streams of life,
Streams of joy.

Streams so blue like tear drop dew.
Streams of truth,
Streams fear not your tale do tell,
Streams of consciousness;

Whence which stream we liveth in?!

© Lara Rose 2016

Waves of Colour


Waves of Colour
Waves of Consciousness
Waves of Glory
Waves of Hope

Waves of Peace
Waves of People
Waves of Stories
Waves of Sheep

Waves of Destiny
Waves of Harmony
Waves of Prosperity
Waves of Melody

Waves of Sorrow
Waves of Tomorrow
Waves of  Malady
Waves of  Parody

Waves of  Perfection
Waves of  Abstraction
Waves of  Collaboration
Waves of  Restoration

Waves of  Equality
Waves of  Ethnicity
Waves of  Priority
Waves of  Sobriety

Waves of  Destiny
Waves of  Harmony
Waves of  Colourimetry
Waves of  Colour

© Lara Rose 15/04/16

Vinyl Art

InstagramCapture_7686f9a8-e818-4097-bffe-27bbd6a2036cMixing New Real Women Show has been challenging this week!!! But managed to create some media audio wav file art!!

So finally listening to a first mix down as garage band and le old Macbook can’t cope!! Not enough memory!!! Aggghhhh!!

To instagram!! Haha hashtag!! 😃

Galleria L’artiste “Vinyl Art”

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Digital age on the train, through a tunnel, upload error message, interruption…

© Lara Rose 2016

Streams of consciousness

WP_20160331_4892.jpgStreams of consciousness
Today, I say, I walk away, I play.
I decipher, pink Formica, cherry blossom,  picture so golden.
What a rush, have a crush
Soothe the thirst, the dry tendrils that dangle, juice of mercy permeate the soul like a sponge to water suds of soap, cleanse the womb, the tomb, to fill, to fulfil, the desires of sin, yes, bring one back home to earth, the dearth of surrender of surrealism and splendour, colour and candour, mercy in Vancouver. childhood memory, turn back time, gaze into a wormhole and see the future through the eye of the infant past.
Complete? ponder, I wonder!

© Lara Rose 31/03/16

To Be …


To be
To do
To believe
To venture
To aim
To cast ashore
To be
To come
To go
To assemble
To persist
To embrace
To grow
To love
To give
To help
To aid
To congregate
To celebrate
To call
To come
To bring
To see
To try?


To do
To begin
To establish
To stay
To joke
To vanish
To camouflage
To appear


To be
To do
To go
To make
To bake! 😊

© Lara Rose 18/03/16

I sit …


Streams of consciousness:

So I sit
I stare
I have no care
I have no fear

I love
I am love
I love
I give love

Like an innocent baby
Smiling joyously
Up at mama’s eyes

I cry
I feed
I move
I feel
I see the world unfold
Around me

I sit
I stare
I have no care
I have no fear

© Lara Rose 15/03/16




© Lara Rose 2016


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