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Happy Sunday!!


Happy Sunday

Fun day


Live. Love. Shine. 😍😍😍

© Lara Rose 2020


Life is in…


In the cloaking of the mist
In the shrouding of the fog
In the coolness of the cold
In the shivering of the limbs
In the vapouring of the breath
In the contrast of the warmth
In the thinking of the moment
In the dreaming of the vision
In the remembering of childhood pleaaures
In the watching of the white flock flying
In the holding of the pattern
In the waiting of the patience
In the ticking of the clock
In the balance of the contrast
In the vibration of the attraction
In the inspiration of the becoming
In the projecting of my imagination
In the knowledge of who I am unveiling…

© Lara Rose 2020


Church, stop bullying me – the alchemy of pain



Thank you peeps for all your love and support through this difficult grieving time. It is a roller-coaster ride, and this weekend presented an opportunity for the lowest of lows by the callous, insensitive & unloving actions of others. ☹️

I’ve made some new friends and lost some {I guess they were not friends to begin with} I’ve seen behaviour that shocks me, betrayal close to Judas and Brutus but I’m stating for the record: unlike Jesus and Ceaser getting killed. I still live to tell the tale, (though they try to push me to the depths of despair, lol🤣.)  And I will, as it is a good one!!!

Sisters, please watch your backs, not everyone who calls you sister has your back, indeed some covet what you have  and will go to any length to attain it. With their clever manipulation and what I now know to be “gas-lighting” tactics one proved my suspicions right, successfully in the most spectacular way possible!! There is a God of justice after all!! 🤣

Yes, it’s a paradox, that I feel victorious even in the face of loss!! The value of one revealing their character and true intention without a shadow of doubt is priceless, pure gold. A lesson for all to learn on how to guard against this in the future. It hurts me that some other friends got hurt because of their action but I guess ces’t lack vie!! You live and learn not to make certain mistakes again.

I have also witnessed and continued to see and enjoy the limitless abundance and supply of grace and blessings from Father God through the universe from the spirit realm. (Still asking where is Mother God?!🙄)


I have had to learn the hard way to;

Protect my table, cast not my pearls before swines, they will rend you!! I will reveal all in my new book, “Church, stop bullying me, the alchemy of suffering” by Lara Rose

 (© Lara Rose 14/06/18 unedited)



… so I read someplace, if you’re tired, rest, take a break, time out!! So not to quit but rest. So just do it, rest!!! 😊

Speak …


Speak love
Speak joy
Speak peace, positivity
Speak calm
Speak faith
Speak hope, longevity
Speak soft
Speak clear
Speak nice, lovingly
Speak here
Speak near
Speak care, neighbourly
Speak proud
Speak loud
Speak sound, evolutionary
Speak up
Speak soon
Speak slow, attentively
Speak now
Speak not
Speak free, assertively
Speak words
Speak rhymes
Speak poems, creatively!

Speak truth…
© Lara Rose Sun 29/05/16

May Day Reflection – New Poem Excerpt


“It does feel like this is your last breath,
You wonder,  why does this pain persist and revisit asunder, you ponder.
This cycle like chasing pavements, this mouse wheel, a colourful may pole dance of glee,
A dog chasing it’s tail in circles, going round and round and round.

But I thought I’d come to terms with innocence stolen, I’ve left the past behind,
And too the family I wish I had, the love I give and crave do I give up?
I think now like unrequited love tis folly to pursue, but why this exquisite pain?”

Excerpt from new poem written today on May Day!

© Lara Rose 1/05/2016WP_20160501_1839.jpg

A Spring Sunset


Galleria L’Artiste:
“A Spring Sunset” © Lara Rose 2016

I look out of the window to my right,  my slightly closed eyes are dazzled by the light.

The sparsely covered branches of  trees,
Bear delicate young leaves of pale green.

Colours of red and light blue, a playful Van Gogh palette doth bloom.

Golden rays create a gold plaited sculpture like a giant Greek Adonis launched up to the sky.

“We will shortly be arriving at…”
I’m dreamy, it’s a magical April spring sunset.
© Lara Rose 18/04/2016

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