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Streams … (May Edit)


Streams of consciousness;
Streams of gold,
Streams of magic dust;
Streams of old.

Streams of love,
Streams of passion,
Streams of joyful bliss, betwixt two passing beats.

Streams of melted ice,
Streams of chocolate mice,
Streams of music spice, the piper he doth bid.

Streams of glory,
Streams of tis victorious story,
Streams of life,
Streams of joy.

Streams so blue like tear drop dew.
Streams of truth,
Streams fear not your tale do tell,
Streams of consciousness;

Whence which stream we liveth in?!

© Lara Rose 2016




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Victory The Other Side

WP_20160417_3922I keep forgetting to share the Victory book.

I think I need an online shop!! Also available as an ebook at:

Let your light shine…


Stop… Summary!

WP_20160208_5857.jpgGuess what?

Do you feel now how simple it is to “sort your life out!”

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is “sorting life out in a day”

Life will never be “sorted out” per se, but is continuous steps of daily successes!! Like learning to walk, (crawl, walk, run) 😊

Btw, take as long as you like with each step! No one is keeping score!! I set variable time frames, one week, two months, but it may take a day, an hour a month, a year, etc!!

Over the next months, I’m going to look at purpose, focus, making progress, our mission in life, etc!!

Live. Love. Shine.

© Lara Rose 2016

Stop… (part V)


Bite Size Creativity©  

(Creative Activity Planning)

Each day pick one or a few things off your list or spider chart to do!

For simplicity I created a Traffic Light© colour system!!

You may:

Use coloured markers to divide up into:

LATER (Amber/Yellow)


CURRENT – may be, prepare food, washing up, day to day stuff!

URGENT –  can be anything from get a haircut,  file my tax return, pay gas bill, to “organise a car boot sale”!

LATER – everything else not on above list, travel to Sydney, organise closet, redecorate, etc.


Generate a “To do” list (Todays’ date)
List stuff in any order it doesn’t matter the priority!
By the way, you can have more than one list, the important thing is to list it!!

(Later you can put ticks next to each task as you go along and date when achieved or part achieved!!)

Remember to Live, Love & Shine!
Have Fun! 😊

© Lara Rose 2016

Coming soon, free Bite Size Creativity© (BSC) Activity Planner.




The new version of “VICTORY THE OTHER SIDE” is now available.

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