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Omg Thank You Peeps!!


Omg!! So I found out today I’ve submitted 200 posts and 100 people support, like and follow my Nomad Woman blog!!

Thank you for all your support!! 😎

Lara 😊


Don’t Expect An Apology!


New mini ebook for Bank Holiday!!

So, rummaging through my old laptop last week, I found one of my unpublished mini books. So excited to find this!

So, whilst collating my songs and poems, I’ve decided to publish this as an ebook in the interim!! 😄


Buy Now

Victory The Other Side

WP_20160417_3922I keep forgetting to share the Victory book.


I think I need an online shop!! Also available as an ebook at:


The Universal Purpose … is Love!


Following on from yesterday, I’d like to propose our “UNIVERSAL PURPOSE” is LOVE! ❤ 🌈 💐 💕

I believe we ought to keep going even if we may not necessarily have a clear destination!


Just like we don’t stop breathing just because we’re having an “off” day or a day of quiet reflection likewise we keep on going or moving!!

It keeps momentum and as you keep going even if it’s for the sake of it, clarity comes!!

The “aha” moment!
Then we set sail, full throttle towards a specific defined direction to an ultimate goal or arrival point.

Then we realise that the seemingly purposeless or “wondering round the wilderness” phase builds character!!

So keep moving, keep going, keep reaching, keep breathing!!

Live. Love. Shine.
© Lara Rose 23/03/16

Celebrating Women!!!

A re-run of the pilot show to celebrate International Women’s day/week!!!

Enjoy!! 🙂

Stop trying to “sort” your life out!! pt III

WP_20160203_2297Easy tips for today:


Take time out!!

Sit and stare
Listen to music
Doodle on paper
Make a cup of tea
Go for a walk
Go for a drive or train ride
Take in the scenery
Speak to someone
Read a book
Pray, meditate, sing

Anything that makes you feel positive and happy!!

© Lara Rose 2016

Shame, shame on you Motherland Africa!!

WP_20160128_5535Shame on you, shame on you motherland Africa,
Shame, shame, shame on you.

Still you persist in de-robing ze innocence of le virgins.
Still you mutilate and castrate le future.
Still you abuse and clubber,
Still you cause the hearts to shudder.
At the ill gotten gain;
Of licentiousness pain.
You seem not to care;
You seem not to hear.
The cry of newborn child,
Left to wander, yonder wild;
Like a crevasse, displaced, torn, ruptured from the womb;
You erupt, molten magma, scattered pieces, empathy doomed.

Shame, shame, shame on you
Shame, shame, on you,
Motherland Africa!
From, far North Eritrea, West Nigeria to South Zulu.
Shame, shame, shame on you
Motherland Africa!

© Lara Rose 2016

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