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Mother Nature 😍


Mother nature,

Are you Mother God?

Such beauty, such splendour,

Words to describe thine essence,

I seek…

© Lara Rose 2020

Art, Dada & Me 200216

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Streams of consciousness

Take me on a journey,
Where would you like to go, honey?😊

© Lara Rose 2016

What if?


What if we were given a blank canvass?
What if we were given a blank universe? Or a chance to start over?
To write our own story?


What if life is a series of random events?
How much control do we have over the universe?
Is the “law” of attraction really true?

What about alchemy, experimenting, and art processing?!
What if we were given a blank universe?
And God left us to it?

What would we do?

© Lara Rose 2016

New Friends

WP_20160121_9744.jpgNew Friends

Making new friends
Meeting new friends
Dancing with new friends
Partying with new friends
Hanging out with new friends
Painting the town red with new friends
Kat, Sheryl, new friends
Dong, Champ, new friends
Mark, Michael, new friends
Tom, Lowry, new friends
Bob, Billie, Mentul, new friends
What about Magic Al, current friends
Paulette, Chris, current friends
Judah, Ariana, current friends
Sela bar, reggae night with friends
Sandanista, Call Lane Social, more friends
City of Leeds, city of friends
Go out everyone and make new friends!!😊
© Lara Rose 2016


My African Queen

My African queen
Across from me
My beauty queen sits
In all her glory she glows
With flawless skin, so beautiful
I feel such love within
As I behold my African queen!!

© Lara Rose 2015

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