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Omg Thank You Peeps!!


Omg!! So I found out today I’ve submitted 200 posts and 100 people support, like and follow my Nomad Woman blog!!

Thank you for all your support!! 😎

Lara 😊


Celebrating Women!!!

A re-run of the pilot show to celebrate International Women’s day/week!!!

Enjoy!! 🙂



InstagramCapture_e3be314d-7f4b-4704-a209-c71135fa13cb.jpgCREATIVE ACTION

Next is to pick a task to do from URGENT or CURRENT.

Don’t panic if sometimes you’re doing more than one task concurrently.

Eg. Starting to fill out an online job application but breaking off to do dishes or prepare a meal!!

Scientists claim the cycle of change, to form new habits is stick at it for 3 weeks!!

So in turn new creative practices or habits tend to form after 3 weeks of consistently repeating a task!


Go with your own flow!

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss your set deadline, set another one! (obviously missed external deadlines may incur penalties eg. University assignments or Tax Returns)

Remember to tick and date completed or part completed tasks.

Then go back to beginning of process and congratulate yourself!!

Live. Love. Shine.

© Lara Rose 2016

CORE OF OUR BEING!! It’s gonna be alright!! you survived this far!! :)




Live, love, shine!!


Live, Love, Shine!!! Live another day, like the trees, the birds and bees. Love one another, let love flow like a river. Shine again today, like the sun so bright, comes out to play!!

Back in the afrobeat studio!!

A photo posted by Lara Rose (@lararoseafro) on Jul 25, 2015 at 11:23am PDT

Art, Dada and me

random art materials, dada

random art materials, dada

Say, what?
Not been here in months!!
Art expressionism
Taking up existence
Making up random stuff
To entertain
To stay alive
To inspire
To think about
Ponder on what you see
How do you feel
What do you think
Art, Dada & me!

Lara Rose

sugar cube rose

sugar cube rose

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