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© Lara Rose 2016

Beyonce as Sarah Baartman. Freedom of Expression!

Freedom of expression

So why did I get so enraged to write on this topic, after reading a fb post on Beyonce wanting to potray Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman!

I was shocked by some of the negative comments. I’m not gonna repeat them but  I will say Beyonce has the freedom to express herself as she sees fit. She also has the freedom to research anyone in history of interest and tell their story.

Who made us the judge over anyone’s creative or expressive ability?!  

Every human being (carbon unit) has the right to express themselves artistically, be it singing, acting, writing, building sand castles, playing jazz music, drawing, blowing bubbles, standing on your head, whatever!!

This innate expressive instinct is demonstrated daily in the clothes we wear to the food we cook, etc.

As long as you are not forcing your will on another, being abusive or exploitative of another, I believe every human has the freedom with love and grace to express themselves in anyway they choose!!

As Madonna put it, “Express Yourself!”

I say, “Create whatever you need to thrive on earth and keep on the journey towards the greatest expression of yourself”.

I get fed up of people judging others, putting people down over their expression of themselves!!

I get fed up of hearing the perpetual berating of creatives by other creatives.

The hierarchical, superiority, elitist mindset sometimes exhibited by some who have excelled in a creative art is tiresome. Aggggh!!

Anti-Art post modernity

I love the freedom of expression cultivated by post modern Anti-Art and Dada movements, etc. The irony is art or new art is only created when someone breaks the rules and does something out of the mold.

Or sometimes, someone’s “limited” range of expression, yet highly focused application, sometimes coupled with creative innovative use of current technology, creates art that brings joy to the creator and audiences!

As Will Smith says, “beating on your craft!”

Fo example, Auto-Tune and Vocoders are tools that created new unique sounds in music production.  Cher, Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock, etc revolutionized the way we look at creating and expressing music.

Conversely, in the visual art world, Anti-Art and Dada movements deconstructed what art should be. This cultivated varying trains of thought ranging from art for art’s sake, expressionism to the use of Ready-made’s as art.

Artist such as Man Ray, Beauchamp, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, Yinka Shonibare, etc all break the conventional artist rules in their work!

Initially, usually looked down at by the elitist of the time. The art form finally gains acceptance when from underground  it gathers speed and momentum.

And even more so when financiers can see how the art form can be monetized and sold to the masses!!

I believe every human being is creative and expressive in some form or the other.

What pleases one may not please the other.

But all is creative and expressive and valid, from the slender, feather weight, pointed toe ballerina to the flat foot, big bottomed pantomime performer. 😊

© Lara Rose 2016

(Also this could be a great marketing ploy to get everyone talking about this, kudos!! It worked!!! Now I really want to see Beyonce do this!! Look forward to it, well done girl, keep expressing yourself and creating art!)

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