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It’s not that no one cares…


It’s not that no one cares, it’s just no one knows what to do!!

It’s not that no one cares, from preacher to absent mothers to doting teachers and self help coaches.
It just that no one really knows what to do to fix the big mess the earth is in!! At the best some bury their heads in the sand or run away, to avoid the pain of reality. At the worse, some claim to have the solution with lofty ideals but unwittingly or sometimes deliberately prey on others. Selah

Both scenarios, and there are more, are only following the flow of nature as it stands today. An amoeba will move away from a region of unpleasant stimulus conversely, a lion will prey on another! C’est la vie!

It seems no amount of motivational training, or positive thinking can change the order of things. Do I sound like the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastis? When he says, “all is folly, just eat, drink and be merry” Aha!

Hence to the dismay of many, clambering at the base of the 3-4-5 triangle.
Scrimping & scratching, and even the guru knows, he or she doesn’t know, and feels like a fraud when eventually reaches out to the ones he seeks to help with a collection tray!

Anyway, what do I know!!!

© Lara Rose 9/1/17 (First draft unedited)




I’m tired of the charade of “church”


Im tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” seemingly the last place you will find “love” these days, where your light, you fuel, with bellows you keep alight yet still the “church” constantly dim. You pray, you cry, you dance, you sing, no matter what you do, if you dare to be different and not conform, you get persecuted from the very ones who dine with you!! Alas, the usual response, the familiar response, skilfully used by the rod of abuse. Blame shifting, quote a scripture, blame the victim, justify your action. Cite an example from the assemblage of books. Judas, Brutus, betrayal, what do you expect, etc, etc
I’m tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” where love stands at the door and knocks!
© Lara Rose 25/11/16

Streams of consciousness

WP_20160331_4892.jpgStreams of consciousness
Today, I say, I walk away, I play.
I decipher, pink Formica, cherry blossom,  picture so golden.
What a rush, have a crush
Soothe the thirst, the dry tendrils that dangle, juice of mercy permeate the soul like a sponge to water suds of soap, cleanse the womb, the tomb, to fill, to fulfil, the desires of sin, yes, bring one back home to earth, the dearth of surrender of surrealism and splendour, colour and candour, mercy in Vancouver. childhood memory, turn back time, gaze into a wormhole and see the future through the eye of the infant past.
Complete? ponder, I wonder!

© Lara Rose 31/03/16

The Universal Purpose

WP_20160322_3921.jpgSuccess gurus make a big deal about knowing your purpose or having a clear goal otherwise you will not arrive at your destination!!

The myth:

All gurus had a clear destination and had it all sorted out from day one!!


Most, if not all went through the self discovery exploratory phase!!

Then came the “aha” moment!!

So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you know what your purpose is yet!

Carry on doing the universal purpose of love!

Live, love and shine, even if that is all you do daily, you are daily achieving your purpose!!

The Universal Purpose!

Live, love thyself,
Live, love thy neighbour,
Live, love, shine your light for all to see
Live, love, shine!

The Universal Purpose!
The Universal Dream!
The Universal Destination!

Tbc …..

© Lara Rose 22/03/16

… a new galaxy

InstagramCapture_360485f4-2a00-4e03-87f5-7ebc1ae74f3b… reaching for a new galaxy, taking shape in the depths of our imagination …

… rhombencephalon: dreamy, wakey, medulla oblongata, pons and cerebellum …

© Lara Rose 2016

Stop trying to “sort your life out”


Stop trying to “sort your life out” or How to be a Success daily by simply being yourself!

Simply living, loving and shining!!


How to be a success daily by simply being yourself!!

But you lament,

“I’m trying to “sort” my life out!”

Well guess what, if you are reading this blog post, then you are alive and have life “sorted” out within you!! Selah.

What you really mean is there are tasks, dreams and desires you want to sort out!

I believe that sometimes the feeling of being frustrated by our lives is simply when we may lack the technical or creative expertise, “know how” or drive to accomplish specific tasks!


We may have creative or technical know how in one element of our life (eg. driving, painting, dancing) but not in another.

For example:

“How to exchange goods and services in the marketplace”
Or “How to create a facebook music page”
Or “How to write a cv for a new job”
Etc, etc.

Sometimes you may feel you don’t even know what it is you are trying to accomplish as you go from task to task or appear to ‘live’ aimlessly!!

The purpose gurus make things worse by almost implying if you don’t know your purpose you are doomed!! 😃 lol!

The good news is, you’re alive!
Let that sink in!!
That means within you is the potential to accomplish all of you!!

Day by day, moment to moment you are living! Sometimes in the valley, sometimes on the plane and sometimes high up the mountain!!

There is no such thing as living aimlessly, as I believe every moment, treasured, feeds into the magnificent being that is you!! 😊


Stop trying to “sort your life out!”

© Lara Rose 2016

Swirling vortex of entropy!!

WP_20160127_3089.jpgMen Shortage: Eritrea Govt. Forces Men To Marry At Least Two Wives Or Face Imprisonment

I just read the headline above written by the online editor, @thewhistler.ng
posted on FB with a comment, “will this work in Nigeria?”

Bullshit!! Any excuse for perverted men and governments!! I’m disgusted, outraged, right enough is enough!!!!! 😠😒

Seriously, are some men so conceited, desperate and perverse that they always feel the need to control and subjugate women?! Always using excuse after excuse?!!

Is there ever going to be a world where the child bearers of this flipping planet will ever be respected equally to men?!

What is this obsession with some men and the so called, “biological needs” to quote the man whose role was to protect his daughters but instead did the polar opposite! They’ll be wanting to forcibly marry their daughters next!!!😠😠

To quote Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, “a swirling vortex of entropy” can be used to describe the chaos and turmoil within this ever raging war of the sexes!!

If this is a joke, like Aprils fool or whatever, it’s not funny!!


….shame on you Africa!!! 😞😞 Laye yi!!

© Lara Rose 2016


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