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The Fire of Our Spirit


WP_20160227_5780.jpgKeeping the fire of our spirit burning like a tree daily feeding from the sun!!
Β© Lara Rose 27/02/16


Live, Love, Shine & Thrive.

WP_20160209_5793.jpgA Creative Affirmation

I will do, all I can do, in spite of any past hurt or pain or disappointment I may feel, and leave the rest to God, the universe and earth!

I will thrive in my littleΒ  corner like a lone plant that grows and yields branches, sometimes fruit, flowers, seeds and most definitely leaves!

Yet, still grows, sustains itself with what is given to it!! Daily reaching up, for light from the sun and daily reaching down, taking root for nourishment from the earth!!

Both ethereal, spiritual and insight from above yet grounded, natural, rooted from below!!

The invisible to the physical realm, the connection above, coupled with the visible to the physical realm, the connection below!!

Β© Lara Rose 2016

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