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Corridors of Leeds – Purple Paths …



Art, Dada & Me 060316




Purple orchids & lavender,
Royal & sacred, cool blues and warm reds.
Royal purple robes clad the princess,
Tis seated with majesty and gaieties.

Play the violin, soothe like lavender waves of magic spells, dispel, the fear
from your minds eye, what you hear.
Tis not real you see,
Imagine purple clovers, flowers blooming;
Purple boots and purple shoes running,
Purple clothes, and even purple guitars!
Play purple songs, made up for fun!!

Purple clad with golden lamps,
Cascading light to hearts delight.
Lovers walk hand in hand,
Je t’aime like Le Parisien.

Purple skies cloak the earth like divine purposed minds.
Twas a purple day, the purple planet Zolga cometh!
Look into the future into the purple galaxy, reality;
Look feel the flow of purple love from the divine to humanity!
© Lara Rose 2016

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