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I’m tired of the charade of “church”


Im tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” seemingly the last place you will find “love” these days, where your light, you fuel, with bellows you keep alight yet still the “church” constantly dim. You pray, you cry, you dance, you sing, no matter what you do, if you dare to be different and not conform, you get persecuted from the very ones who dine with you!! Alas, the usual response, the familiar response, skilfully used by the rod of abuse. Blame shifting, quote a scripture, blame the victim, justify your action. Cite an example from the assemblage of books. Judas, Brutus, betrayal, what do you expect, etc, etc
I’m tired of the charade that guises under the umbrella of “church” where love stands at the door and knocks!
© Lara Rose 25/11/16

… from the darkness


…from the darkness spread across the face of the multiverse, the universe emerging again, twisting and turning, taking form and shape, never too much, never too late….

© Lara Rose 22/11/16




Speak to me
I plead with thee
I sit,
I stare
(I) drink tea
With no care

The green grass /green grass
Beneath my feet /caresses my feet
This Time goes/will pass
So/Will / When shall we meet?

My yearning
My longing
The loving
The giving

My heart recalls
Before the fall
Stay the night
(I) see (the) green light

Don’t go
Say no
Hide away
What should I say

Scared to see you
Oh how I miss you
What would you do
If in my shoes?

In the cafe
On the hillside
With the weather
On the inside
Come rain, come shine
It’s you, I pine

I sit
I stare
I plead with thee
Speak to me


© Lara Rose 3/3/16 3:46am

Inspired by The Weather Café, A New Love & Me! Unedited version.

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