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Here comes the sun …


… from cloudy evening skies, from behind the tree, suddenly, here come the dazzling, glistening, glorious sun …


Today, 4 seasons!


sunny, then cloudy, then rainy, then sunny again, then hailstones, then windy, then sunny again.

© Lara Rose 26/04/16

yorkshire four seasons

rain, wind, snow &Image sun

coat on, coat off just for fun;

am freezing, pm roasting

oopsy daisy, now i’m toasting.

-lara rose

Sunny days

Sunny days are here again
Let us, to the park begin
To sing, and dance and jump for joy,
And scream with glee the girl and boy.

Catch a ray, three rays, all day
Sun beat down with grand array,
The splendour of the fields, clad with daffodils
Early spring fair, yet trees remain bare

Await, as branches, reach towards the sun
Draw in the power, create some fun
Roots bore down, feed from the dust
Then alas, slowly leaves once again form

Spring a time to start to shine
Like a butterfly, the chrysalis refine
So once a time to hide and ’twas a time to fly
But all in it’s own time, sunny days again, begin


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