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Nature says it all

Such beauty, such splendour

Colours vibrant, green foliage

Reds so succulent, juicy, joyfully radiate

The woods share a secret

Lovers kissing in the alcove of leaves, aroma, sensual stimuli, exciting….

Β© Lara Rose 17\01\ 2020

It’s not that no one cares…


It’s not that no one cares, it’s just no one knows what to do!!

It’s not that no one cares, from preacher to absent mothers to doting teachers and self help coaches.
It just that no one really knows what to do to fix the big mess the earth is in!! At the best some bury their heads in the sand or run away, to avoid the pain of reality. At the worse, some claim to have the solution with lofty ideals but unwittingly or sometimes deliberately prey on others. Selah

Both scenarios, and there are more, are only following the flow of nature as it stands today. An amoeba will move away from a region of unpleasant stimulus conversely, a lion will prey on another! C’est la vie!

It seems no amount of motivational training, or positive thinking can change the order of things. Do I sound like the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastis? When he says, “all is folly, just eat, drink and be merry” Aha!

Hence to the dismay of many, clambering at the base of the 3-4-5 triangle.
Scrimping & scratching, and even the guru knows, he or she doesn’t know, and feels like a fraud when eventually reaches out to the ones he seeks to help with a collection tray!

Anyway, what do I know!!!

Β© Lara Rose 9/1/17 (First draft unedited)



Victory The Other Side

WP_20160417_3922I keep forgetting to share the Victory book.


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Live! Whatever you do, Live!! Live another day!!!

1. Live! Whatever you do, Live!! Live another day!!!

Live! Whatever you do, Live!! Live another day!!!

Do survive daily taking one day at a time, loving yourself, and others. If you are plagued with “self hate” ask yourself this question, “Do you eat, clean, clothe, groom, etc?” Then yes, to some degree, even at a basic biological level, you do love yourself!!!

…… excerpt from Survival Handbook


Β© Zolga 2015

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