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What a month!!

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What a tumultuous month
of change and uncertainty
yet we stand firmly with out feet
to the ground, we speak
keep moving, keep going
tis not the time to relent
tis the time to be defiant
we shall not quit
we shall overcome
light over darkness
joy over sorrow
love over hatred
good over evil

The light shall not be extinguished!
(Copyright Control) Lara Rose 22/07/2016


Victory The Other Side

WP_20160417_3922I keep forgetting to share the Victory book.


I think I need an online shop!! Also available as an ebook at:


The Universal Purpose … is Love!


Following on from yesterday, I’d like to propose our “UNIVERSAL PURPOSE” is LOVE! ❀ 🌈 πŸ’ πŸ’•

I believe we ought to keep going even if we may not necessarily have a clear destination!


Just like we don’t stop breathing just because we’re having an “off” day or a day of quiet reflection likewise we keep on going or moving!!

It keeps momentum and as you keep going even if it’s for the sake of it, clarity comes!!

The “aha” moment!
Then we set sail, full throttle towards a specific defined direction to an ultimate goal or arrival point.

Then we realise that the seemingly purposeless or “wondering round the wilderness” phase builds character!!

So keep moving, keep going, keep reaching, keep breathing!!

Live. Love. Shine.
Β© Lara Rose 23/03/16

What will I be, when I grow up?!

WP_20160210_8214.jpgI still don’t know what I am going to be when I grow up, but I can have fun along the way! Or I can have fun finding out!

Β© Lara Rose 2016

Live, Love, Shine & Thrive.

WP_20160209_5793.jpgA Creative Affirmation

I will do, all I can do, in spite of any past hurt or pain or disappointment I may feel, and leave the rest to God, the universe and earth!

I will thrive in my littleΒ  corner like a lone plant that grows and yields branches, sometimes fruit, flowers, seeds and most definitely leaves!

Yet, still grows, sustains itself with what is given to it!! Daily reaching up, for light from the sun and daily reaching down, taking root for nourishment from the earth!!

Both ethereal, spiritual and insight from above yet grounded, natural, rooted from below!!

The invisible to the physical realm, the connection above, coupled with the visible to the physical realm, the connection below!!

Β© Lara Rose 2016



InstagramCapture_e3be314d-7f4b-4704-a209-c71135fa13cb.jpgCREATIVE ACTION

Next is to pick a task to do from URGENT or CURRENT.

Don’t panic if sometimes you’re doing more than one task concurrently.

Eg. Starting to fill out an online job application but breaking off to do dishes or prepare a meal!!

Scientists claim the cycle of change, to form new habits is stick at it for 3 weeks!!

So in turn new creative practices or habits tend to form after 3 weeks of consistently repeating a task!


Go with your own flow!

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss your set deadline, set another one! (obviously missed external deadlines may incur penalties eg. University assignments or Tax Returns)

Remember to tick and date completed or part completed tasks.

Then go back to beginning of process and congratulate yourself!!

Live. Love. Shine.

Β© Lara Rose 2016

Stop trying to “sort” your life out (pt IV) Creative Storming

WP_20160204_6552.jpgNext easy tips

Creative Storming

Summon the creative genius within you!
Summon your creative powers,
We all have this within us.

Write something down, anything.
Do a “Streams of Consciousness” exercise to get yourself going! ie write whatever comes to mind.

You can do this on paper, on a phone, tablet, wall, important thing is to capture whatever is on your mind!! 😊


If you have specific tasks overwhelming you, write them down!

If you don’t know what to do, write down that you don’t know what to do!

Just write something, anything!

You can do this by yourself or with a friend for fun.

I call these:

Creative summoning & storming sessions!

You can also do:

Spider charting on paper or sketch book, etc
Or listings:
Write a list of things to do (The conventional “To Do” list)
You may write as many lists as you like in any order.

Remember to have fun with whichever creative summoning and storming tool you use!!

Β© Lara Rose 2016

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