Hey there, my name is Omolara Rose, fondly known as Lara Rose!

In my first mini book, “VICTORY THE OTHER SIDE” I share my personal survival tips as I recover from past abuses. I want everyone to know, you too can breakthrough to the other side, the glorious side, the victorious side!

– Lara Rose

(The Singing Pharmacist)

Reach for the stars, and when you get there,     reach for another galaxy!  –Lara Rose


people ask me;

what do you wanna be or do?

'i just wanna be myself and 
do what i was born to do
or what i find to do 
moment by moment'
'i have no excuse, to not rise
to the highest possible place'
'break the mould'

Lara Rose is an author, singer, songwriter, recording artist, poet, visual artist, alchemist, radio presenter and pharmacist. Lara believes that it is possible to daily keep going in spite of past abuses and is an expert in “day to day” living, one moment at a time. Lara shares her own personal tips as she journeys to the other side, to victory.



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