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Hypocrisy of Humanity!


… what meaneth thou? Hypocrisy of humanity, the plague, the eye for an eye, the do whatever it takes, betray, betrayal, deride, believe, deceive become, believeth, deceit, decay, defiance, compete, comply, compliment, excite, excrete, complain, complete, explore, expect, elate, educational, family, ferment, gestate, gesticulate, glorify, freely, fester, festival, fibrillate, graduate, gallery, Galaxy, Galileo, Galápagos, Hypocrisy, Humanity….

… tis doth we learn from, history this once, repeat not, dna strand, stranded?


Le Butterfly – Mama Geraldine (revised)

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Mama Geraldine!!

“Mi fe sunkun mo, sugbon, ekun mu mi”
My mind is like a floating feather, that rides the wind,
is curious and lands amidst the bushes
then stays focused for a moment,
for a moment, maybe meaning becomes clear,
or meaning becomes obscure.
like the blur of a short sighted child,
to the optician,
be fitted with lenses, correct the vision.

Come into focus, clarity, ease of sight
power and might
need not, just adjust the dimmed sight
the road becomes neither dark or bright, just right
as we drive along, like the feather gets caught up in
a stirring breeze, gains height and flight
we just might continue our journey.

A feather, a butterfly, an eagle sky high!”

for Geraldine Conner RIP

March 2017, tic toc.


Winter to Spring, March, tic toc, clocks tic toc forward, spring clean, keep moving, “don’t forget to move the long hand 360 degrees to the future!”

So, I haven’t blogged in ages….

It’s a shame one has to come to terms with humanity’s seemingly shallow, disloyal n fickle nature sometimes. 😞

Everyone claims or tries to be good but inevitably we let each other down by the unfortunate limitations of human  nature.

What then, do we give up on humanity? No, we continue to shine our lil lights, kindle our love, and live keeping the fire of greatness within us alive and overcome the darkness.

© Lara Rose 2017

New Real Women Show S3 EP1 celebrating female soul divas for Black History Month 2017, USA

It’s all “BULLSHIT”



It’s all “BULLSHIT!”

It’s all BULLSHIT, and I think that’s even insulting bulls, cos their shit probably smells of roses!! 💐😅

Self serving, bullshit, hypocritical humanity! Everyone jumping on the bandwagon, no different from the system it seeks to oppose! Even this post in response to the bullshit is bullshit!

About the Motherland Africa, for as long as Africa continues to ill-treat it’s children, don’t expect better elsewhere! Women, for as long as there is bitching, envying, put-downs, backstabbing and hating on each other, don’t expect better elsewhere!!

And don’t give me that crap about a mysterious group of super powerful beings from outer space sent to make us, poor miserable earthlings!!

Yuk, all of this bullshit just “creams my corn!” 😅

© Zolga Love 21/01/17 (unedited)

It’s not that no one cares…


It’s not that no one cares, it’s just no one knows what to do!!

It’s not that no one cares, from preacher to absent mothers to doting teachers and self help coaches.
It just that no one really knows what to do to fix the big mess the earth is in!! At the best some bury their heads in the sand or run away, to avoid the pain of reality. At the worse, some claim to have the solution with lofty ideals but unwittingly or sometimes deliberately prey on others. Selah

Both scenarios, and there are more, are only following the flow of nature as it stands today. An amoeba will move away from a region of unpleasant stimulus conversely, a lion will prey on another! C’est la vie!

It seems no amount of motivational training, or positive thinking can change the order of things. Do I sound like the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastis? When he says, “all is folly, just eat, drink and be merry” Aha!

Hence to the dismay of many, clambering at the base of the 3-4-5 triangle.
Scrimping & scratching, and even the guru knows, he or she doesn’t know, and feels like a fraud when eventually reaches out to the ones he seeks to help with a collection tray!

Anyway, what do I know!!!

© Lara Rose 9/1/17 (First draft unedited)



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