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crop test

Colour Whirlpool I © Lara Rose 2016


Visions & Dreams


… double cream experiments! 😊


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OPPS!!I’m not very good at sorting embedding, etc!! I’ll just keep going on!! So to mark today the Independent Publishers Day, i’m so excited to now have available to download my fun square ebook  “30 DAYS OF APRIL – LIVE LOVE SHINE!!! Woohoo!! 🙂

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New Real Women Show Ep 9


This week feature Majestic Marvina Chairman & Founder (Angel of Youth)

We are talking Nigeria, obono soup, booty shake, diva (determined, independent, vivacious, achiever) black beauty, ageing gracefully, melanin running through your skin like liquid diamond, etc!!!

Streams of consciousness

WP_20160331_4892.jpgStreams of consciousness
Today, I say, I walk away, I play.
I decipher, pink Formica, cherry blossom,  picture so golden.
What a rush, have a crush
Soothe the thirst, the dry tendrils that dangle, juice of mercy permeate the soul like a sponge to water suds of soap, cleanse the womb, the tomb, to fill, to fulfil, the desires of sin, yes, bring one back home to earth, the dearth of surrender of surrealism and splendour, colour and candour, mercy in Vancouver. childhood memory, turn back time, gaze into a wormhole and see the future through the eye of the infant past.
Complete? ponder, I wonder!

© Lara Rose 31/03/16

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