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New Tate Modern

“Don’t let your prejudices win, expose yourself to art n see what happens!” Anthony Gormley – New Tate Modern Documentary BBC 2


…ooo I can’ wait to get to London!! ๐Ÿ˜Š


More digital pop art tests

More colour…


crop test

Colour Whirlpool I ยฉ Lara Rose 2016

Colour Core…


Colour me entirely, colour the world with colourful colours, the rainbow glows and is pleased to see the colours colouring away …

ยฉ Lara Rose 2016

Speak …


Speak love
Speak joy
Speak peace, positivity
Speak calm
Speak faith
Speak hope, longevity
Speak soft
Speak clear
Speak nice, lovingly
Speak here
Speak near
Speak care, neighbourly
Speak proud
Speak loud
Speak sound, evolutionary
Speak up
Speak soon
Speak slow, attentively
Speak now
Speak not
Speak free, assertively
Speak words
Speak rhymes
Speak poems, creatively!

Speak truth…
ยฉ Lara Rose Sun 29/05/16

Lara’s Drugstores


… double cream experiments! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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