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Nomad woman Exhibition


Yay, let’s resume blogging!!


Windrush #windrushtreasurechest installation

Yes, let’s resume blogging on WordPress. Daily or weekly updates!! Put into searchable categories, utilise existing site instead of building a new Wix website from scratch!!!?!?! 🎓🤣🤔

Graduating on Wed,  yay!! Got a distinction in my MA and have gone on to start PhD studies last October ! Woo hoo!!!

Yoruba Culture & Artistic practices!! So now where are the tags, and hashtags, etc🤣🤣🤣

Is it true, I brought it on myself?


Is it true?
I brought it on myself!!
I brought it on myself for standing up to micro aggression
I brought it on myself for being insecure
I brought it on myself for pointing out the hurtful comments
I brought it on myself for flagging the lack of empathy
I brought it on myself for challenging the abuser and his supporters
I brought it on myself for daring to recover
I brought it on myself for refusing to remain victimised
I brought it on myself for feeling I was being mocked
I brought it on myself for being a feeling human
I brought it on myself, so don’t expect an apology
I brought it on myself
So I can now learn to empower myself
So as not to ever allow once more to bring it on myself?!!
One can dream?!!!😇

© Lara Rose 2019

The shock of the shock of the shock…

Text gen1 darknessm

It’s taking its time to recover from the shock of my “biological” father dying
It’s taking its time to recover from the shock of the shock of the so called “friends” who seemed to gloat at the misfortune. Wow, it’s still unbelievable that vegan eco warriors turn out to have no regard for the human animal. (Please stop with the fake works of charity)
It’s taking its time to recover from the shock of the shock of the shock of the unsupportive, callous responses and brutal betrayals from church, “friends“ and especially sister Judas!!!🤣🤣⛪😍
I have amply removed a lot of peeps from my fb connection and severed physical connections too, but any others please dont feel obliged to stay in my fb “friends” list.
As for the spies on Instagram using aliases, lol, I spotted y’all, and deleted y’all soz!! 🤣🤣🤣
It’s all cool as I’ve noted who is who and the pruning hopefully serves me for my greater good, indeed by varying means, death, departure or desertion!!

… and God said, “let there be light”

© Lara Rose 2019

Once upon a time…



Once upon a time, therein existeth the 777th distant galaxy…
Yellow #Zolgarites live gleefully and carefree…

Lora Risa IX


Not black enough

Not white enough

Not curly enough
Not straight enough
Not tall enough
Not skinny enough
Not busy enough
Not free enough
Not loud enough
Not quiet enough
Not old enough
Not young enough
Not educated enough
Not ditzy enough
Not rich enough
Not ambitious enough
Not glamorous enough
Not plain enough
Not talented enough
Not connected enough
Not sexy enough
Not fat enough
Not colourful enough
Not hustling enough
Not hungry enough
Not bitchy enough
Not assertive enough
Not flexible enough
Not Yoruba enough
Not Yorkshire enough
Not pale enough
Not dark enough
Not smooth enough
Not hairy enough
Not rough enough
Not gentle enough
Not thick enough
Not thin enough
Not African enough
Not European enough
Not musical enough
Not structured enough
Not developed enough
Not intelegent enough
Not intellectual enough
Not Philosophical enough
Not melanated enough
Not objectified enough
Not mocked enough
Not abused enough
Not black enough
Not white enough

What then is enough?

When is “it” enough?

© Lara Rose 2019

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