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Church, stop bullying me – the alchemy of pain



Thank you peeps for all your love and support through this difficult grieving time. It is a roller-coaster ride, and this weekend presented an opportunity for the lowest of lows by the callous, insensitive & unloving actions of others. ☹️

I’ve made some new friends and lost some {I guess they were not friends to begin with} I’ve seen behaviour that shocks me, betrayal close to Judas and Brutus but I’m stating for the record: unlike Jesus and Ceaser getting killed. I still live to tell the tale, (though they try to push me to the depths of despair, lol🤣.)  And I will, as it is a good one!!!

Sisters, please watch your backs, not everyone who calls you sister has your back, indeed some covet what you have  and will go to any length to attain it. With their clever manipulation and what I now know to be “gas-lighting” tactics one proved my suspicions right, successfully in the most spectacular way possible!! There is a God of justice after all!! 🤣

Yes, it’s a paradox, that I feel victorious even in the face of loss!! The value of one revealing their character and true intention without a shadow of doubt is priceless, pure gold. A lesson for all to learn on how to guard against this in the future. It hurts me that some other friends got hurt because of their action but I guess ces’t lack vie!! You live and learn not to make certain mistakes again.

I have also witnessed and continued to see and enjoy the limitless abundance and supply of grace and blessings from Father God through the universe from the spirit realm. (Still asking where is Mother God?!🙄)


I have had to learn the hard way to;

Protect my table, cast not my pearls before swines, they will rend you!! I will reveal all in my new book, “Church, stop bullying me, the alchemy of suffering” by Lara Rose

 (© Lara Rose 14/06/18 unedited)


Walked out of Art Class!!


I walked out of a chemistry class once, but I never in a million years thought that I would walk out of an art class!😶
Apparently I have “regressed” in my art practice, insulted my lecturer (sorry you feel insulted) and most have taken something. Yes, a coffee and a mocha!!
Now, I’m done with people trying to silence me on the issue of the slave trade!! I don’t care anymore if it makes people feel uncomfortable. I’m going to have to continue to be the first domino piece and speak out my authentic truth.



My “make believe” proposal to create a giant face as a monument viewable from space whether people like it or not is my make believe proposal as per module brief for the 20 credit MAAD3 unit of the MA course. It now appears by the time I finish this Facebook post I will unwittingly have completed the 200 word written element of the module.☺️

Yes, it’s simple, benign, done, before, whatever adjective of displeasure applicable but this is my proposal for this module not for my final piece!
In some sense, my walking out of class has allowed me the space to simply write this, for that I am thankful.

If I fail this module because I walked out of class as the environment had become distressing for me,  cest la view.

So, I got the idea, inspired by the simplicity of the Richard Long sculpture currently on show at the Leeds Art Gallery yesterday Wed 25/4 /18.

I liked the simple use of Geometry, a circle with wooden blocks embedded. I liked the idea of creating order from chaos. I saw the schematic on the wall and revelled in the simplicity of it and how one could create simple geometric pieces of art from possible found objects.

Again very controversial work, these types of sculpture defined as art!
Coupled with the feedback from the music improvisation workshop about less being more, I found my mind revisiting the schematics of slave boats.

KISS:Keep it simple stupid!

Sketching, drawing, soon it looked like an eye then a face, then I thought of all the “faceless” unidentified Africans taken into slavery, and wondered about a sculpture that when viewed from above would be recognisable as a face but when you zoom in at ground level you see the gruesome detail of the tightly packed bodies.



And this is how that ended, what started as a very simple idea, demolished at its planning stage! A metaphor perhaps for the state of the African today 26 April 2018!😢

My Omnivore v Vegan Conclusion


My Omnivore v Vegan Conclusion

An open letter response!

And likewise please respect my opinion and understanding, and I reiterate that, we in the West are very privileged, such that we can choose all kinds of diets, fads, lifestyles and scarcely have to worry what our next meal will be! Indeed we have food shipped in from far and sometimes at the expense of human “animal” sacrifice.

Some people not so fortunate, just have to be thankful for whatever food they get, animal, insect, plant or matter (mud cakes, honey, milk, cheese, butter, etc).

I still don’t understand the cannibalism comparison comment your friend made and the  further comment about the look on my face.
I feel it was insensitive and disrespectful to me (he knows nothing of what I’ve been through, starved on occasion by parents, abused, etc) and to the plight of indigenous peoples/orphans/ beggars/homeless/ nomads/migrants/refugees, etc, peeps fleeing war torn zones, barren lands where famine abounds and crops can’t grow, etc!!

To make it worse he claims to be creating a charity that fights for the fatherless?!!!?!?! WTF 😐 (And I never swear!!! 😂)

And thus I can’t associate with people (esp “christians”) who seemingly place non human animal life value above human life. (I’m sorry all your arguments don’t wash with me)

Where is your human compassion and empathy for the  human animal gone?
I find it distressing to hear people disregard human lives in favour of saving a non human animal! (But in reality at the expense of other species of non-human animal eg earth worms, insects, rodents, and may I add micro organisms?)

In conclusion, call me naive but I always assumed a vegetarian/vegan was the same thing!
Now, I stand corrected, but,
I don’t understand why some vegans get so offended, defensive, aggressive, judgmental and condescending towards vegetarians and omnivores!?!

I’ve even had customers complain about the lack of vegan medicine equivalents?!! To which I suggested they feel free to organise a vegan manufacturing plant to create gelatin free capsule shells, non animal tested drugs, etc!! Pioneer some new technology, I dunno!! 😊

So, it gets tiresome listening to some vegans complaining and moaning and constantly attacking! It’s very negative, not very constructive, and vegans just end up sounding like spoilt brats!
I can’t take vegans claims serious about animal welfare and social justice when nearly every comment they  make regarding carnivorous food is toxic, laced with a superiority complex and disrespectful to the choices/options of others!! Indeed, if the general ethos of vegans is about “cruelty-free” living for animals, why are you so cruel to human animals?! I’m befuddled, and I’m done with tip-toying around peeps who have no regard for my welfare!!! 😞


Each to their own, if you have the grace, fortune & privilege to afford genetically, financially or resourcefully (grow own food), a “vegan” lifestyle, good!! I’m happy and pleased for you, more power to you! 😊

Give thanks and have gratitude to the universe for affording you that blessing. Yes, feel free to share, teach, inspire! We never stop learning and increasing in knowledge!


I’m not going to get into any ugly debates about this with peeps, or with anyone who tries to bully, berate or force their dietary opinion on me!!

I’m only in the business of
respecting, lifting up and loving one another! 😊
Live. Love. Shine.

Lara Rose 29/01/18


why are we here

Art is…



Hypocrisy of Humanity!


… what meaneth thou? Hypocrisy of humanity, the plague, the eye for an eye, the do whatever it takes, betray, betrayal, deride, believe, deceive become, believeth, deceit, decay, defiance, compete, comply, compliment, excite, excrete, complain, complete, explore, expect, elate, educational, family, ferment, gestate, gesticulate, glorify, freely, fester, festival, fibrillate, graduate, gallery, Galaxy, Galileo, Galápagos, Hypocrisy, Humanity….

… tis doth we learn from, history this once, repeat not, dna strand, stranded?


Le Butterfly – Mama Geraldine (revised)

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Mama Geraldine!!

“Mi fe sunkun mo, sugbon, ekun mu mi”
My mind is like a floating feather, that rides the wind,
is curious and lands amidst the bushes
then stays focused for a moment,
for a moment, maybe meaning becomes clear,
or meaning becomes obscure.
like the blur of a short sighted child,
to the optician,
be fitted with lenses, correct the vision.

Come into focus, clarity, ease of sight
power and might
need not, just adjust the dimmed sight
the road becomes neither dark or bright, just right
as we drive along, like the feather gets caught up in
a stirring breeze, gains height and flight
we just might continue our journey.

A feather, a butterfly, an eagle sky high!”

for Geraldine Conner RIP

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