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Omg Thank You Peeps!!


Omg!! So I found out today I’ve submitted 200 posts and 100 people support, like and follow my Nomad Woman blog!!

Thank you for all your support!! 😎

Lara 😊

To Be …


To be
To do
To believe
To venture
To aim
To cast ashore
To be
To come
To go
To assemble
To persist
To embrace
To grow
To love
To give
To help
To aid
To congregate
To celebrate
To call
To come
To bring
To see
To try?


To do
To begin
To establish
To stay
To joke
To vanish
To camouflage
To appear


To be
To do
To go
To make
To bake! 😊

Β© Lara Rose 18/03/16

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

Stop… Summary!

WP_20160208_5857.jpgGuess what?

Do you feel now how simple it is to “sort your life out!”

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is “sorting life out in a day”

Life will never be “sorted out” per se, but is continuous steps of daily successes!! Like learning to walk, (crawl, walk, run) 😊

Btw, take as long as you like with each step! No one is keeping score!! I set variable time frames, one week, two months, but it may take a day, an hour a month, a year, etc!!

Over the next months, I’m going to look at purpose, focus, making progress, our mission in life, etc!!

Live. Love. Shine.

Β© Lara Rose 2016




The new version of “VICTORY THE OTHER SIDE” is now available.

Click the link below πŸ™‚




Art for Art’s Sake!


“The whole Universe is an infinite art project!!!” – Lara Rose

Β© Lara Rose 2016

We are one!

We are one.
We are one human race.
Just like colours, red, orange, yellow, green and blue;
Each unique, but each by itself, a rainbow does not make.

But, together in harmony,
as the light shines through in unity;
Together with violet and indigo,
conjure up the most heavenly bow,
so glorious,
just like me victorious,
alongside meritorious, you!

Β© Lara Rose 2016

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