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Yay, let’s resume blogging!!


Windrush #windrushtreasurechest installation

Yes, let’s resume blogging on WordPress. Daily or weekly updates!! Put into searchable categories, utilise existing site instead of building a new Wix website from scratch!!!?!?! 🎓🤣🤔

Graduating on Wed,  yay!! Got a distinction in my MA and have gone on to start PhD studies last October ! Woo hoo!!!

Yoruba Culture & Artistic practices!! So now where are the tags, and hashtags, etc🤣🤣🤣


love is …

love is

Colour, colour, n more colour! ðŸ˜Š

Here comes the sun …


… from cloudy evening skies, from behind the tree, suddenly, here come the dazzling, glistening, glorious sun …

More digital pop art tests

Pop Art Kaleidoscope


Pop Around © Lara Rose 2016

In The Beginning … (My Experiments, testing, testing)

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