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love is …

love is

Streams … (May Edit)


Streams of consciousness;
Streams of gold,
Streams of magic dust;
Streams of old.

Streams of love,
Streams of passion,
Streams of joyful bliss, betwixt two passing beats.

Streams of melted ice,
Streams of chocolate mice,
Streams of music spice, the piper he doth bid.

Streams of glory,
Streams of tis victorious story,
Streams of life,
Streams of joy.

Streams so blue like tear drop dew.
Streams of truth,
Streams fear not your tale do tell,
Streams of consciousness;

Whence which stream we liveth in?!

© Lara Rose 2016

May Day Reflection – New Poem Excerpt


“It does feel like this is your last breath,
You wonder,  why does this pain persist and revisit asunder, you ponder.
This cycle like chasing pavements, this mouse wheel, a colourful may pole dance of glee,
A dog chasing it’s tail in circles, going round and round and round.

But I thought I’d come to terms with innocence stolen, I’ve left the past behind,
And too the family I wish I had, the love I give and crave do I give up?
I think now like unrequited love tis folly to pursue, but why this exquisite pain?”

Excerpt from new poem written today on May Day!

© Lara Rose 1/05/2016WP_20160501_1839.jpg



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I look …


Looking into the distance I spot the redness, against the dark golden blue shimmering silkiness.

A barge, a boat or floating decaying wood, within the grain, doth lay a tale or two.

The places travelled to and from along the waterways, on both luxurious sunny and rainy days.

I look again, my lens captures the red, the green, the reflection, the sky, a musky dark blue.

© Lara Rose 23/04/16

The Universal Purpose

WP_20160322_3921.jpgSuccess gurus make a big deal about knowing your purpose or having a clear goal otherwise you will not arrive at your destination!!

The myth:

All gurus had a clear destination and had it all sorted out from day one!!


Most, if not all went through the self discovery exploratory phase!!

Then came the “aha” moment!!

So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you know what your purpose is yet!

Carry on doing the universal purpose of love!

Live, love and shine, even if that is all you do daily, you are daily achieving your purpose!!

The Universal Purpose!

Live, love thyself,
Live, love thy neighbour,
Live, love, shine your light for all to see
Live, love, shine!

The Universal Purpose!
The Universal Dream!
The Universal Destination!

Tbc …..

© Lara Rose 22/03/16

More Corridors of Leeds

InstagramCapture_9ee531e2-5c1a-468e-aa93-a6b3456d69c0.jpgStreams of consciousness:

As I walk through the rain drenched streets, the grey clouds persist in hiding the great star, our sun.

And nightfall comes!

© Lara Rose 2016

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